Peeing is a good thing

Encourage your cat to drink more water!

Unlike humans, cats are “desert-like” animals and can concentrate urine to an amazing level.  Humans tend to urinate several times a day-our concentrating ability is not as high.  On the other hand, some cats urinate only once or twice a day and they can concentrate their urine to a much higher degree!  Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should especially once they have had a lower urinary tract problem like ??????? crystals or stones.  Cats with diabetes, hyperthyroidism and kidney disease need to drink more than usual and sometimes it is hard to get them to do so.  How can we get a cat to drink more water?

  •  Multiple small meals may help.  It has been shown that the more often a cat eats, the more times it goes to the water bowl.  Think about your own meals-don’t you tend to drink when you eat?  Don’t feed more calories, just divide the daily ration over several smaller meals throughout the day.
  • Feed some canned food.  Canned food is water heavy.
  • Feeding a dry diet formulated with additional salt-your veterinarian may recommend such a Cats diet if your cat is prone to crystals and stones in its urinary tract.

Stone image

  • Multiple water dishes… make sure there is a water dish near all of your cat’s favorite sleeping areas.
  • Provide easy access to fresh water at all times.  Cats are nocturnal and may prefer to drink in the evening.  Don’t ever deprive a cat (or dog) of water at any time of the day or night.
  • Keep the water bowl full at all times and easily accessible.
  • Cats have very sensitive whiskers and many seem to prefer a large bowl in which the whiskers do not touch the sides of the bowl.  If your cat likes to drink from the toilet bowl, it is telling you he wants a bigger water bowl!
  • A variety of water types (Brita, distilled, bottled, warm tap water, cold tap water, rain water) can be offered.
  • Do not sweeten the water as cats lack sweet taste receptors .  Flavoring the water or providing ice cubes flavored by tuna or clam juice may help encourage water consumption.
  • Some cats prefer a source of running water (water fountains are available for cats although in one study of 13 cats, no difference was found in water consumption when water was offered in a fountain vs. a bowl).  Try a water fountain if your cat likes to drink from dripping taps.  Some like it and even if they play with it, they then lick their paws and get some moisture from that.
  • It is important to keep food and water bowls away from the litter box area.  The water bowl must be clean (cats have a very keen sense of smell and are easily turned off by odors on the edge of the bowl).
  • Some cats prefer a clear glass bowl; others stainless steel or ceramic.  Some cats prefer not to share their bowl (especially with dogs).  Sometimes it is trial and error to see what the cat’s preference is for type of bowl.

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